The sea lapping at the shores as the sun sets, a crisp refreshing drink in your hand served up in a coconut, and the meal of your dreams in front of you, exotic smells filling the air….

Or you’re stuck in a dark romantic bistro, viewing life go by on the winding cobblestone streets while you enjoy a bottle of your favourite drink and feast your eyes on a five course tasting in front of you with a date to match….

The dream, am I right?

They’re two of life’s great pleasures…

Travel & Food

But if you are like me, you don’t necessarily have the bank account to jet all over to sample the latest cuisines our wonderful world has to offer!

So what to do??

You could try to win the lottery, become a hedge fund manager, create the next social networking site, or do what I do and cook it yourself!

I have spent the better part of six years in between picking up university degrees and trying to change the world with sampling cookbooks and blogs from around the world to take my tastebuds on my wildest adventures. Being born in Colombia, raised in upstate NY, educated in Washington D.C. and having lived in Madrid, London and now Manchester, with travel across many countries in between, international cuisines have always been a passion of mine.

Even though I couldn’t afford to go to many of these places, I felt I learned much about them through their food and its preparation. I spent years learning how to adapt them to real world practicality and good to the environment, but never skimping on taste or presentation, which always gave me the feeling of actual fine dining for a quarter of the price!

As with any home chef there was lots of trial and error; using relatives and friends as guinea pigs. Thankfully I can report that no one died and everyone actually loved the food and flavours!

More common then not was,

“Wow, what is this recipe and how can I do it? Where is this from, it is delicious!”

I have been storing a majority of these recipes in my head, which worked out ok until it came time to explain to people who to cook them. I realised I couldn’t possibly remember everything and tell it to everyone exactly how I do it I figured the best thing to do was throw ’em on the internet where I and everyone else can refer back to it 🙂

This blog is for the wanderlust set, but without the funds. For those home chefs who want to try new foods but have no idea where to start. For foodies who want to share their tips and recipes from their favourite parts of the world. Del Mundo is the place to highlight food from everywhere on this great planet of ours. If you know a good recipe from your country that you want to share with the world, send it here! Collaboration is a big part of Del Mundo and I would love to hear from you! Questions, comments, ideas, whatever feels right 🙂

Del Mundo directing translates to “of the world” and this means we are all of the world. Eating sustainably is a global movement we can begin by changing our relationship with food. Educating yourself on where your food comes from, eating in season, buying local and growing your own. Simple tasks that we can make a part of our mindset when it comes to our food.

Del Mundo looks to cook from a plant based, animal-free cuisine that is proven to be good to the planet, people, and pocketbook.

*Mariana “Meat Me” Challenge: For those who think life cannot exist without a daily serving of animal protein on their plate; challenge me! I love to take on new recipes and veggify them 🙂 It is always an exciting & fun way to get to know your ingredients 🙂


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