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Del Mundo directing translates to “of the world” and this means we are all of the world. Eating sustainably is a global movement we can begin by changing our relationship with food. Educating yourself on where your food comes from, eating in season, buying local and growing your own. Simple tasks that we can make a part of our mindset when it comes to our food.

Del Mundo looks to cook from a plant based, animal-free cuisine that is proven to be good to the planet, people, and pocketbook.


Mariana is a social entrepreneur, food addict, footy fanatic, citizen of the world who wants to show how animal-free foods are far from boring!


*Mariana “Meat Me” Challenge: For those who think life cannot exist without a daily serving of animal protein on their plate; challenge me! I love to take on new recipes and veggify them 🙂 It is always an exciting & fun way to get to know your ingredients


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