Brrr…Cooler Climes Curry

I love autumn. The air is getting that crisp chill, the leaves are flashing their vibrant shades before they become jewels on the wintry ground. The new aromas in the air of spice and warmth, MULLED WINE, and of course the food! This is a snapshot of autumn that I took whilst in Edinburgh. Gorgeous […]

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Brunch…Colombian Style

Now as I am sure most of you know, as a Colombian I can be biased when it comes to our food. Although quite a lot of it does contain meat & fish, it is so varied that you can easily replace those with a heaping of grains, pulses, and veg alongside fantastic flavours. Now this […]

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Tapas in no Time!

I always love cooking for others, there is a certain fulfillment I get from making people smile and learn through food. But I definitely don’t always have the time to lavish 5 star quality time & attention to food. But lack of time doesn’t have to mean lack of flavour! Here is a super simple tapas […]

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Southeast Asian Feast!

You know those times when you want to impress someone special, but cannot be bothered to sort through the millions of recipes and make a menu? Well look no further. This is one that is sure to show off your culinary skills in a whole new light. This Southeast Asian spectacle will please everyone’s taste buds […]

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